My Negative Experience with Kotak General Health Insurance

Claim Intimation No.- Date 73344 – 24/08/2022

As a policyholder of Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance product for the past two years, I expected the company to provide a smooth and hassle-free claims process in case I fell ill or needed medical treatment. However, my recent experience with their claims department has left me disappointed, frustrated, and with a feeling of distrust towards the company’s practices.

My ordeal began when I fell sick with fever and dengue while visiting my native place. After receiving medical treatment and being discharged from the hospital, I submitted all the required documents to Kotak General Insurance’s claims department, including the original discharge summary, medical bills, blood and X-ray reports, and hospital bills. However, the company took 10 days to acknowledge my claim and requested more documents, including an acknowledgement report and my Google Map history, which I felt was an invasion of my privacy.

Despite complying with their requests, the claims process took almost two months, during which they even visited the doctor’s office to review CCTV footage, which I found intrusive and disrespectful. They also requested a letter from the doctor on his letterhead, specifying the dates of admission and discharge and the treatment provided, which I submitted three times, but they rejected it each time, stating that it was not “properly written.”

After five months of waiting and repeated document submissions, Kotak General Insurance informed me that they could not process my claim and rejected it, leaving me without the financial assistance I needed for my medical expenses. This experience has left me with a strong sense of distrust towards the company’s claims process and customer service, as they made the entire process of claiming insurance a source of harassment and frustration.

Based on my experience, I would not recommend Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance product to anyone seeking reliable and efficient insurance coverage. Their claims process is not only time-consuming and invasive of privacy but also inefficient and unprofessional. As a policyholder, I expected better from the company and was disappointed with their service.

In conclusion, I urge anyone considering health insurance to research and evaluate their options thoroughly, and to choose a provider that prioritizes customer service, efficiency, and transparency in their claims process. Based on my negative experience with Kotak General Insurance, I would not recommend them as a reliable or trustworthy option for insurance coverage.

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