Dangerous that can be digital footprint

Though the current time is of social media, the digital footprint that is emerging is not seriously considered. There is currently a possibility of getting a job lost, due to the shock that has been broken.

There was a rule that a large company of web designing could not work together with the Committed Cupels. Chandan and Sadhana (names have changed) The same academic batch. Incidentally, having a job in a single company increased the intimacy with each other. The social account also used to comment on one another; But he was not yet comedited. According to FB, his relationship with the office was seen by the management of the office and both of them were afflicted, so one person was told to leave his job. This was a shock for both of them. They did not want to do such posting when they were not commuted; Because they decided to establish their relationship status before the management sealed them.

Chandan and Sadhana were in a dilemma all of a sudden to hurry to share everything on social media. He had not thought about the consequences of your posting in the future. Posting in the language of social media is called ‘digital footprint’. That means life experiences, memories or traumatized accounts. You can be called a digital album of what memories are remembered for going forward in life. Humans must be ‘social’; But he should have a limit. If you exceed the limit, the result will be affected by anybody.

It is the youth’s interest to go to where you eat, what to eat, whatever happens on the occasion. There are many reasons behind creating this virtual image, marketing yourself, show off. It is a virtual attempt to tell about the situation, the person’s personal experience, and how soon it is going on in our life, telling me how much fun I am. Then you can get real happiness in the moment or not, as soon as you get it, your updates are given in mobile hands immediately.

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