Work together for cyber security!

Increased proportion of cyber crime due to the increased use of the internet and the rising violence in the gaming universe is a danger bell for all. Experts have expressed their views on the need to work together and to work together for the cyber security, students, parents, teachers, headmasters and administrators.

In order to raise awareness about the growing violence due to cyber crime and gaming, Aahan Foundation organized a seminar on ‘Cyber Cares Givers‘ in Bhaidas Auditorium in Vile Parle Sponsor by NMIMS, under the initiative ‘Responsible Netism‘. Appeared to the guests present at the meeting. This seminar is well known psychologist Dr. Harish Shetty, Deputy Commissioner of the Cyber ​​Crime Cell of Mumbai Police, Akbar Pathan, Cyber ​​Forensic Expert Sanyog Shelar, Ahama Foundation’s Unmesh Joshi and Sonali Patankar were also present. NMIS College was a co-organizer of this seminar.

At the beginning of this seminar, Unmesh Joshi highlighted the games and how the revolulation of game started. He said that there are so many complaints about gaming being received and it is necessary for the parents to have parental control over them. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mumbai Police, Akbar Pathan, underlined that under the cyber crime, children are being targeted. He said that security, information and awareness for cyber security are very important. He also advised not to give any password and OTP to anyone on social networking site.

Akbar Pathan Sir also took cognizance of the type of cyber crime and its review. He appealed to contact the Mumbai Police’s 98208 10007 helpline numbers and report the cyber crime. Cyber ​​Forensic Expert Sanyog Shelar, who was involved in the games and the care that needs to be taken, guided the audience. Personal information is currently being played while playing many online games. He instructed to take precautions when giving them. He urged parents to constantly talk to children about games and Internet usage. He said that parental control is necessary for how long the children play games.

Man cheated by the psychiatrist, who is coming forward to fight for cyber security. Dr. Harish Shetty has done this. Explain how the role of parents in this fight is important, make sure to know how to use things like internet, gadgets, do not fall prey to all the children, and communicate with the children in a spirited manner. The schools should maintain the status of a child safety policy, he said. Sonali Patankar informed about the measures implemented by Aahan Foundation.

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