Heads up: Your ATM card can be cloned

‘I am talking to bank officials, tell me your PIN number, your ATM card will be people’ and withdraw money from mutual banks. These phenomena are most common now. Many people are fooled by repeated information. Offer your account information on the phone. Fails. There has been a similar trend in the closing of the ATM card recently, as all the cases have reached here. Instead of believing the WhatsAppAwards forwards, you should learn how to use your Debit Card, how to use it, and how to use it.

‘On-line’ theft fad has increased a great deal. There has been a lot of fraud by ATM, Debit and Credit Card so far. There is not much success in catching ‘telefishing attackers’. Many people were cheated by buying this telefishing attacker online. Millions of rupees were blown away. It’s very serious. Now you have to take care of some of the rules regarding the ATM.

Do not forget that.?

  1. If you lose the ATM card, first contact the bank to block the card number.
  2. Apply in written format.
  3. If the information about the lost ATM, Debit, Credit Card is not communicated to the bank, then that card can be misused.
  4. Only after the lost ATM card has been blocked, apply for another ATM card.
  5. Do not tell anyone ATM card number or PIN number on the phone. Even the closest person
  6. Automatic ATM card handling. Even the nearest person should not give up except for an emergency.
  7. When you withdraw money at the ATM, exit the ATM if you get the instructions to complete the transaction.
  8. For missing PIN, the bank can apply in writing and get a new PIN number.
  9. Do not cloning your card anymore, so be careful not to cloning it.

What is the ATMs cloning?


As a convenience and security, everyone uses ATM cards It’s easy. But now all the data can be stolen by the account holder’s password. And on the basis of this information, thieves are deceiving the closing of the ATM card with the help of computer. Messages have been received on mobile phones in many cities to remove the mutual amount from their accounts. At that time, they were cheated. The complainants immediately complained to the police station. So they understood that this is the type of ATM cloning.

Today many ATM machines in many cities have Ram Bharose. Not being a security guard, the CCTV cameras being closed, all these things seem to be getting a snap to steal the thieves. It seems that this type is happening in many places.

How does cloning of ATM card work?

Many shops, petro pumps, hotels and showrooms have swapping machines for ATM or credit card payment. But often, what the thieves do is to get ‘scrmir machine’ to where the card is being placed. When the card gets to the main machine, the magnetic stripe scanner of the card is scanned.

And you’re typing a PIN to transfer. The exact pin number has a hidden camera in place. This means that the script machine is a stripe scan and the PIN number is displayed in the camera at the same time. Duplicate cards are made by imitating the magnetic stripe. Then, in any machine, it can be withdrawn if the PIN number obtained in this card and hidden camera is hidden. The climbing of the ATM card has exposed millions of rupees in many cities.

So be careful while swiping cards. Do not give your card to anyone. Bring a machine to yourself and ask them to swipe. Insert sharpness, pay attention to it.

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