Writing a Suicide Note on Social Media?

Filmmaker Atul Thakir has committed suicide several months ago, suicidal notes posted on Facebook on suicides. Nitin Shirke, who worked in IBN Lokmat, committed suicide. He even posted his suicide note on Facebook. The mind is disturbed by both incidents. Suicide suicides can be strong, now we do not have any ram in life, by speaking to someone, taking away the path from it and taking life for granted is not the way to feel it is all about modern survival. The reason for the suicide of both these extremely unfortunate incidents is a different issue but it is necessary to find out the mentality of putting suicides on social media as a social media researcher, bringing the thoughts of suicide in their heart and reaching the world through social media. They also need to understand the mentality of those who do not like such suicide notes and the lack of sensitive sensitivity. Because this trend is spreading around the world. Behind the video of suicide, whether it is viral on YouTube or as a suicide note status. The extent of suicides is increasing but the social media in which it has not been able to ignore.

Social media is an open platform. The need of this medium is in your mind what is going on at all times, the feeling of emotions emerging in your mind that it should be reported to the social media immediately. In this need, the meaning of this medium and human emotions. The expansion of the social media is huge. Their viral value is a storm. This medium is of course used for reaching many people. Hrithik Roshan used social media to end his marriage. The same people are doing homicides for suicide. When the feeling of suicide is really high, then there is a sense of great disappointment, anger, deceit in the mind. All the darkness is crowded with dark emotions. It is necessary that the world should know about the reason of our suicide decision. This requirement has become more intense due to social media. At the same time, we should also feel inclined to bring the real face to the face of those who came to us for this time. Whoever has harassed you, whoever has been cheated, must be subjected strictly, he has feelings that he / she should not be released. That is why the suicide note is inserted with details and names. A mental illness named ‘Facebook Depression’ is now underwriting psychologists. In the same way, as a suicide victim, Facebook uses Facebook for suicide notes as well, experts believe in the use of Facebook’s excessive use of suicide.

People have been distracting people from each other through the means of creating people to connect with each other. It is a very serious matter for people who have thousands of friends around the world to talk about their own frustration. It’s a very serious thing to know about exactly what you’re missing out on social media. Depression is our biggest problem today. For the same reason, WHO has dreaded this year to talk about depression, to fight depression. It is dangerous to be completely helpless about what is going on in our mind. We know that suicide is not an answer to any question, yet men commit suicide and the same proportion is rising.

Then, the question remains, can we stop people from using those social media to commit suicide? As junk food can no longer be eradicated from life, it is impossible to remove social media as well. But can we use this more effective medium? According to some experts, the posting of suicide thoughts can be used to prevent people from suicides.

According to QntFy, CEO of Health Analysts Company, in the online world people can collect information about how they communicate with each other, and by applying some trends, it can reach people thinking of suicide. Human beings communicate online, using technology to predict how they are their personality. It is used by political parties from all brands. Neuro Marketing is developing this area rapidly. All of this is being used as a complementary capitalist system. But scientists believe that all these modern technologies can be used to evacuate people who have lost their hopes, using the developed technologies of technology.

What can you do with users?

Social media should also be taught to give a real time when struggling to stay in touch with each other. There is a life beyond social media, and it should be struggling to enrich it with MONEY. And most importantly, you should keep a close eye on what you do and what you do while posting live, love, sad, wow. Each post should read Lyric and similar emoticons, it is not possible to write on each post. If you do not understand how to react to a post, then nothing can be done, but it is pure nonsense to bring in suicide note and a person’s past post. Often we do not even realize what we are doing to those who bring such posts. There are also many types of habits. When we are on social media, we should consider such habits. And they have to be changed. This medium is misleading, and therefore it requires a little awareness when using it.

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