To reduce the memory of e-mail

Find Big Mail is a good option for finding large files in Gmail. The app works to automatically search for files that need to be deleted.
Visit this website.

• After clicking the e-mail address on the homepage, click on Find Big Mail.
• After that, Google will ask for confirmation of this service.
• If not logged in, click the password and select Access Access.
• After that this service will start scanning your inbox. There is an email notification when the scanning is done.
• In the Inbox, there are several options like ‘Sent Mail’ etc. On the left, there are some more options that will appear. If the new options are not displayed, then the label will be displayed in three new options.

FindBigMail-Top, FindBigMail-1MB, FindBigMail-10MB
• Clicking on any one of the above options is to clean up unneeded e-mail and the Gmail inbox will help you to have a good amount of time. If you use these tips, it can help you get rid of the sudden loss of sudden e-mail.

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