‘Super lock’ on Facebook

Everyone expresses a Facebook feel. So the trend of sharing all things on Facebook is growing. Women are also joining hands with Facebook. The increase in the number of women abusing the photos posted on Facebook. But the security of the photos can be maintained using the available options on Facebook.

How Safe is Facebook on Facebook?

Many people quiz questions about the privacy settings of photos on Facebook. Many hacks are found in Facebook’s privacy settings. For example, one account can be seen from what is happening on anyone else’s account. Nobody can stop this type of effort even after trying.

Privacy settings required..

Go to your profile on Facebook. Then go to Photos and select Album option. Then go to the profile picture and click on the edit option on the right. There you will see an option like this with the option of public, friend. Click on it. These photos can then be viewed on your mobile or tab. However, they can not take the screen shot to save the photo. This feature is available on Android. However, the choice of screen shots is available on desktop and iPhone. Facebook’s privacy features remain more efficiently on Android. You can also do the above mentioned actions in the profile picture.

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