Smart Phone

Legendary Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Fest took place in Chicago’s Grant Park July 22, and while technical issues prevented many attendees from getting the most out of the event, the expected rollout of Legendary Pokemon did take place.

Specifically, players around the world can now capture Lugia and Articuno by participating in Legendary Raids that may appear at Gyms near them. Niantic also revealed the next two Legendary Pokemon coming to the game “soon”: Zapdos and Moltres.

So Pokemon Legendary can impact on children interview with Zee News as Cyber Expert

Mobile ‘Hacking’ beware!

Recently, many people prefer to surf the Internet from mobile phones. The number of internet users is increasing due to the cheap Internet access on mobile. That’s why hackers have now turned their mobile to mobile users instead of computers. Mobile cyber attacks are on the rise. In this situation, mobile security has become a key issue. In this regard we will learn about this article.

How Mobile Phone Get Hacked?

  • Mobile phones with GSM technology can be used to make hacking hardware comfortably, so that the phone gets hacked in hackers.
  • Mobile hacking is sent to hackers by some specific ‘link’ (malware) citizens, and citizens are asked to call mail and message sent on that link. Generally speaking, people are contacted by the government office and making contact with the citizens.

‘Smart’ things hidden in the phone

Your companion smartphone is definitely useful at any time of the problem.

Many of us are uncomfortable because this is not a phone nearby; But there are some features in this phone that you do not even know today. Because of these features, you can also become more and more smart and use the phone smartly. Unknown things in this smartphone

You have checked the Safe Mode option in your computer; But the smartphone may not have heard of SafeMode; But you can use Safe Mode only when you just want to take phone or phone or tamasha app. In this mode your internet is running. Just in this you can not use the apps installed from the Play Store in the phone. Can only use inbuilt apps. To safeguard this, you press the poweroff button, then hold down the poweroff options. Then your phone goes to SafeMod. To recover this Safe Mode you have to restart your phone.

Screen pinning
No one else can use your phone, you choose the option of Applech. The phone has a pattern lock or password. After this each app has a PIN number from Applecock. While doing all this, you download the ThirdParty app. These apps steal your information even though you are giving security. This is why Android has the option of screen pinning. In this app, start the app that you want to punch. Then turn on the screen pinning option in Settings. Then go to the reception app and select the app to pin. Then start pinning. Choose the format that is convenient for you. That means that your app is pinning.