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Ready to update

You think, You are very smart, Very diligent Terrible Synergy But the company does not feel that way, In the Coconut list When will your name ever be? This is not a name,
Ready to Update
Why is it happening in the new period?
All of us need a better job, career. But often it does not happen. That means that we interview on interviews, but it is a rejection. If there is a job, it does not last. But when you are ready to go to work, then you think that now your address is cut?
It is true that the new technology, changing office work, going to the jobs, and decreasing manpower need to be real. He is afraid that many of the work that you have done for so many years now is not needed. What do you learn by learning new skills? Soft Skills are called, but some slips are now in the phase of expiration.
So what exactly is that?
The answers to the same question are looking for many HR firms, online tutorials. Many surveys that are studying in Human Resources are frequently released.
A study by the online learning tutorial named Chege says that many times children think that they are perfect, but when they go to the interview, they do not feel like this. Employers suggest that the kids do not have the keys they claim to have, or if they are really weak.
This picture is from around the world. According to a study called HR TODAY, these days the soft definitions have changed. Because the work culture changes with online communication and technical things over the actual interface.
Then which people will live in that work culture? Intelligent, hardworking people will survive. But that is not enough. Along with that, some things come in the near future, it is essential to meet.
If you look at it, look at all the traits of the successful men, and they all have this history. Because in those days many people were walking with time.
These are some of the new soft slicks. Or say the qualities, which you have in the air. If not, then you have to learn it. Do you have these 8 points?
1) Work these teams
The team does not want to stop. People with differing separateness, different castes, countries, cultures, working in different ways, all the human beings who are unhappy, unreliable. Whatever the team, you need to be part of that team.
2) You are the best
If you are part of the team, you should be impressed with the work that we have received from the team. That work must be our identity.
3) Curiosity
How easy it is to be; But it should be in place. It is necessary to be constantly awake about what can be done in the new work that is done by shutting down the nose. Others should see. 4) Count in Whether there is any project in AIFISH, your number should start. The seniors should think that this project should have the same.
5) Quiet head
We should be able to work quietly. No matter how many stress grow, he should not go to the head. When you are asked many annoying questions in an interview, how do you deal with them, become angry, and become depressed so that we are tempted.
6) Undertaker work
Stress comes to work, it increases. Do you make mistakes in that pressure? If you do, then your situation may get worse. So this new skill is learning you.
7) Watch on watch
She is as good as being. Work should be done within deadlines. There is a new skill that needs to be done daily at home every day. Those who work in the same hour of hours, their hard work may turn out to be zero during the new period.
8) Ready to update
It is a chance that learning new skills, using, updating, and creating your own style through it has created a new very important need.