To prevent viruses

So far, if you’re using a pirated window on your computer, now include the original Windows 10.

Go to the Computer Control Panel and go to System and Security and make sure that the settings of Windows Firewall are correct.

Upload any good company’s antivirus software to the computer. Also, follow the settings and follow the full Computer Scan.

When you turn on the computer, the antivirus updates most of the software. So do not cancel the update even if there is any disturbance.

Do not keep the computer or laptop’s default password. For example … abc, 123, characteristic words, your birth date, words in the English dictionary, etc. are not included as a password.

Never keep a password in your computer or browser. If you have a message like ‘do you want to save this password’, answer ‘no’.

Address bar – where the URL is included; If there is a sign of the locked lizard in the beginning, then it is not possible to know that the website is safe.

Never open links from e-mail or any other website. Know who has sent a link exactly before opening.

‘Cyber Stocking’ Be Watchful!

In this type of ‘Cyber Stocking’ the victim is harassed through the Internet.

Earlier, violence was being done by women on the basis of dowry, family violence, rigging, sexual harassment at work, and persecution by unilateral love, and now it has included internet harassment.

The internet continues to be the type of sending messages before sending or sending obscene messages to women; But now email has become a big medium for this. Blackmailing, threatening or attempting to engage in pornographic intercourse especially for girls, such type is being done more frequently than ever from emails. In most cases, the person who is close to or acquainted with the woman is familiar with it. However, this group is making ‘cyber stockings’ by creating fake accounts.

In this type of ‘cyber stocking’ the victim is harassed through the Internet. In such cases, making phone calls, doing bad things against a person or writing a sentence on his / her body. Most of the time, the culprit in this manner is a disloyal, one-sided love, but at times the humiliated person has done such a thing even with the feeling of vengeance. In this case, the victim’s personal information, family information, phone number and the victim’s diary can be collected by collecting information about it and using that information to hurt the victim. This type of personal information has also been posted on the Internet’s sex service or dating services website